Thoughts put into words…

by Katie Lanning (Dreamynothing)

What’s My Story? 08/30/2012

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What’s my Story?  Who am I?

Someone strong, someone who fights everyday? Or someone weak, who cries everyday?

Do you see someone who suffers? Or someone who withstands?

Do you see what you want to see? Or do you see the truth?

How do you find the truth in so many twisted lies, so many tall tales.  Filled with dead ends and twists and turns.  More forks in the road than you can count.  So many different stories, all of them true, in some way or another.  All of them sounding fictional, bonded to make one big book full of a world of facts.  Can you keep reading and turn the page?  Or are you no longer interested in my story?

If you stick it out to the end I don’t know if it will be tragic or a happy ending.  It may turn a quick corner in less than one page.  Or the subject of hand may drag on and on for chapters at a time.  They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but some books never get taken off the shelves.

Will you figure me out? Or will you misunderstand?


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