Thoughts put into words…

by Katie Lanning (Dreamynothing)

The Invisible Girl 08/29/2012

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Can you see her?  She’s standing right in front of you; Screaming.  Crying out for your attention.  Do you not sense her presence?  Why is she just an invisible girl to you? Why does everybody walk by her, not noticing, not caring.  People don’t even look her in the eye, or even stop just to say “Hi”.

She cries in silence, hurting inside, hurting outside.  No one listens, no one cares.  She’s just thin air.  Sometimes her screams are heard as whispers in your ear.  Or you can catch a glimpse of her presence at times in the corner of your eye.  But for most of the time she’s the invisible girl.

Why does she cry?  She cries because she’s in pain:  Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically.  She’s bleeding from the inside out, leaving a trail in which no one can see.  Yet sometimes you can feel the wetness upon the grass from her tears.  At times she hides in the corner, and tries to wish away her pain.  It never works, it never helps; but she never gives up hope; that someday she will be seen and will be heard.

Look closely, find her before it’s too late.  Do you see her?  She’s right here.  In front of you.

Here I am.

The invisible girl is in me.


One Response to “The Invisible Girl”

  1. And sometimes one isn’t as invisible and one many seem
    sometimes there are just a bunch of invisible beings, trying to find their way.
    Sometimes everyone is trying to stand out and be seen
    but they are, they just don’t understand because they can see everyone, they can see everyones’ invisible soul
    but their own.

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